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Playing in Pt. Mugu State Park - Ray Miller

Have all day for some trail adventures?

You have lots to choose from in Point Mugu State Park. Each trail takes you through gorgeous terrain, challenging climbs, and spectacular mountain and ocean views. 

Following are three of many options you have from the Ray Miller Trail Head.

How to get there: from anywhere in Ventura County head south on Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1)) to La Jolla Canyon. This will be south of Mugu Rock. There are two portable restrooms and trash cans at the trailhead. Please keep our trails clean by carrying your trash and even picking up any you might see along the way.  (Google maps: Malibu, CA 90265 https://goo.gl/maps/2sJ9zjRQyGoC2BfT6)
Parking: La Jolla Canyon is marked and you can turn left into a paid parking lot ($12.00 per day or State Park Pass). Parking on PCH is common but pay attention to the signs so that you don’t accidentally park too close to the driveway and get a ticket. It is a short walk to the trailhead from PCH.
Dogs are not permitted on these trails.

At just over 10 miles, this is the shortest of the loops off of the Ray Miller Trail and like all the trails contains some nice hills to climb. It also has a picnic table where you can enjoy the spectacular scenery while resting after your climb up Fireline.

Option 2: Guadalasca / Hell Hill Loop

While just 14 miles, some would say this is the most difficult option. After heading up Ray Miller and taking Overlook to the Guadalasca trail head you'll start on a single track climb. Just before heading down a rocky thus technical trail, you'll be treated to a panoramic view of the Oxnard Plain. The descent is just over a mile and at the bottom you'll be able to rest on a nicely shaded fire road. Then you go up Hell Hill, and this lives up to it's name...it's not technical, just hard. Once you get to the top you turn left to head back to your starting point. Be careful as you will be sharing most of this run with mountain bikers.

Option 3: Loop around Mugu Peak

This is the longest of the three loops, coming in at just over 16.5 miles. It is one of the most scenic as you run around Mugu Peak (you can add a little trip to the flag at the top if you want!). It's not just the ocean and island views, but the varied terrain over the whole course which makes for a pleasant run. You will have a tough climb at mile 7 but that is why we go out. 

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