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  • Route map for Space Mountain To Angels Crest by Josh Spiker on plotaroute.com

    Description: With lots of hills, this tough upward climb will provide amazing views of Thousand Oaks and Newbury park, as well as reward you with Ocean views at the turn around point. Starting in Thousand Oaks, as a relatively flat trail, within a mile you will be on the ascent up space Mountain's switchbacks. Climb the switchbacks for just over 2 miles to for the first of two lookout points, with a view of the entire Conejo Valley. Keep going along the ridge of the mountain and cross the fire road to a second but briefer ascent to Angels Crest. On any given day, a complete view of hidden valley and the conejo valley on either side of the mountain make for stunning views. On a particularly clear day, look west to see the Pacific Ocean. The way down space mountain is as technically challenging as the run up is physically difficult. Watch your feet for rocks, uneven terrain and sandy turns. Don't worry about the difficulty, take at any pace for a challenging long run or a scenic walk-jog.

    When you've gotten back to the base of the switch backs, head back to your car for an shorter 6 mile run, or add a valley loop in the connected Los Padres open space to make a 10-miler.

    To get to the upper valley loop, the easier incline up from the Los Robles main trail will take you to the valley loop, a meadow valley in the hills. Finish the loop and move out of the Los Padres trail to your car to finish your run.

    Can I bring my dog? Dogs are permitted on a leash.

    How to get there: From north of Thousand Oaks, head south on the 101 freeway to the Moorpark road exit in Thousand Oaks. Exit right and drive to the end of Moorpark Road
    From South of Thousand Oaks, take the 101 Northbound and exit Moorpark Road to the Left
    From Moorpark and Simi, take the 23 freeway to the 101 northbound and exit Moorpark Road going left.

    Parking: Parking is free in the Moorpark road parking lot. If the lot is full, take Greenmeadow Ave to an alternate trail head with additional free parking.

  • Route map for Lang Ranch Hills Loops by Josh Spiker on plotaroute.com

    Description: This 9 mile trail will challenge you with hills and reward you with views. With 1600 feet of climbing over the course of the 9 miles, this course is perfect for hill training, long runs, and scenic routes. While much of this course find you on the ascent, it is not without reward. Peaks in mileage will reveal views of the entire Conejo Valley, as well as views out to Simi Valley and Long Canyon to the South. The trail is comprised of several discreet loops, which can be added again or removed from the course to lengthen or shorten your run.

    How to get there: From Ventura and Agoura: take the 101 freeway (Northbound from Agoura, Southbound from Ventura) to the 23 Freeway and head northbound to the Avenida De Los Arboles exit. head east on Arboles towards Westlake Boulevard and head south until you meet Lang Ranch Parkway, Take Lang Ranch Parkway to the Lang Ranch Community park.

    Parking: parking is often available free of charge opposite Lang Ranch Neighborhood Park at the Chumash Indian Museum. When the Museum is closed, you may park street side on Lang Ranch Parkway. https://goo.gl/maps/MFxvvMGCjDKj4xET6 

  • Route map for Stage Coach Bluff Loop by Josh Spiker on plotaroute.com

    Description: Start this loop headed down into the Wildwood canyon on a single track trail on rolling downhills. The first mile, a combination of various short climbs and descents will reward you with the rolling stagecoach bluff, a rolling trail on the very edge of Wildwood Canyon. The Stagecoach bluff will carry you for just under a mile, with scenic views of the Entire Wildwood and Arroyo Conejo canyons on the left, and the Wildwood upper canyon on your right. Continue for a slight downhill third mile and an easy finish to the loop. There is a portable toilet at the Wildwood parking lot.

    Can I bring my dog? Dogs are permitted on leash.

    How to get there: From Ventura and Agoura: Take he 101 freeway (South Bound from Ventura, northbound from Agoura) to the 23 freeway, and exit at Avenida De Los Arboles in Thousand Oaks. Head West on Avenida to the very end where it turns left on Big Sky Drive. At the corner, turn Left into the Wildwood Parking lot.

    Parking: is free at both the Wildwood open space parking lot, and the Wildflower Park up the street on Arboles should the Wildwood lot be full or closed. However, don't parking on the surrounding neighborhood streets to avoid a parking citation.

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