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Jen Livia

Where did you grow up? 
A little all over the place.  I was born in the San Fernando Valley, spent some of my youth in San Diego, all of Middle School in Mexico and then back to LA for High School.  I graduated with a BA in Fine Art and Literature from UCSD and received my MFA from San Francisco Art Institute. I have lived in Ventura since 2006.
When did you start running?
I started running when I fist went to college, it was my escape from the stress of school and helped me sleep. 
What do you do outside of working at Future Track / Mile 26?
I also work with Josh and Michelle at our sister company Race Fox Events where I am in charge of all of the graphic design and some of the race logistics.  I also own my own art studio with my mom where I sell my paintings and teach people how to paint. 
What is your current favorite shoe and why?
I love the new Brooks Hyperion Tempo, the cushion is so light and soft, plus the upper fits my foot like a glove.  Can't wait to race in it when races come back.

What is a running goal you have right now?
Right now we are expecting a baby boy in October so my only real goal is to keep running until I have to stop.  Next year I am looking forward to getting back into Half IronMan shape and racing next Fall in Washington.

Why do you run?
I love the feeling after I run, there is nothing better than being exhausted and excited at the same time.  Racing in big events is also so much fun because the crowd is the true motivation to keep you moving no matter how tired you are.
Favorite pre-race meal?
I love oatmeal and peanut butter for a longer race or just a banana and peanut butter for a shorter run.
Favorite Post-race meal?
Depends on the distance, for shorter events a breakfast taco, for long races pizza.
Advice for a new runner? 
Listen to your body and don't try to do too much when you first start out.  It is better to build slow than get hurt and have to take time off.
Favorite Professional Runner?
Dena Kastor - she is such a nice person and an amazing inspirational runner.
What is your favorite running event that you have completed?
Vineman Half IronMan is one of my favorite overall races, the bike course was amazing so pretty and fun I could have been out there all day riding, but the heat on the run was crazy brutal I thought I was going to melt.
Non-Running Hobbies?
I love to paint mostly acrylic landscapes and abstracts.  I also can't get enough of being outside in nature running, hiking, mountain climbing, camping, backpacking and mountain biking especially with Josh and our pups.

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