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Nancy Switzler

Where did you grow up?
Mostly in and around Long Beach, CA (we moved A LOT)

When did you start running?
I ran a few 5ks right out of college but then got involved in other stuff. I didn't really start running until I was 49 (Yikes, I’m old).

What do you do outside of working at Future Track?
I call Mile 26 my “hobby job” and I love helping people find the right shoes and other stuff. My two other jobs are local church pastor and running coach. I am really good at helping people get started running (but I like coaching all abilities)

What are you majoring in and why?
Haha! Actually I am right now doing a major continuing education class in Life Coaching.

What is your current favorite shoe and why?
I love to rotate shoes! On the trail I love the Altra Timp because it is nice and roomy in the forefoot and the cushioning underfoot helps when hitting hard rocks. On the road I like the responsiveness of Brooks Launch.

What is a running goal you have right now?
My marathon PR is 4:04 and I REALLY want to run a 3:59 marathon. Just 5 minutes!

Why do you run?
I started running to lose weight, which I did (around 80 pounds). I discovered that I loved running for: time alone to think through problems; time with running buddies to chat about life; seeing the sights of wherever I am; stress relief, and being outside.

Favorite pre-race meal?
Oatmeal, blueberries, almond milk

Favorite Post-run meal?
It’s not a meal but an ice cold serving of chocolate milk after a race is a favorite.

Advice for a new runner?
Start slow and work in some strength and mobility (especially if you are older)

Favorite Professional Runner?
Des Linden (I got to meet her parents the day after she won Boston!)

What is your favorite running event that you have completed?
My favorite so far was Mountains to Beach when I qualified for the Boston Marathon. Everything clicked that day and it was so exciting to achieve that goal.

Non Running Hobbies?
Hanging out with my dogs; learning to draw and paint; reading

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